No. Paper Journal Title Authors Date File
13 Paper image SCI(E) Probabilistic Modeling of 3D Randomly Oriented and Aligned Wavy CNT Nanocomposites and RVE Size Determination Feiyan Zhu, Sungwoo Jeong, Hyoung Jun Lim, Gun Jin Yun Under Revi
12 Paper image SCI(E) 3D Stochastic Computational Homogenization Model for Carbon Fiber Reinforced CNT/Epoxy Composites with Spatially Random Properties S.W. Jeong , F. Zhu., H.J. Lim , Y.H. Kim and G.J. Yun In Prepara
11 Paper image SCI(E) Microstructure-Sensitive Design of Mechanoluminescent Particulate Composite Materials for Stress Sensing Applications Y.H. Kim and G.J. Yun In Prepara
10 Paper image SCI(E) Characterization of Interfacial Properties of Graphene-Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites by Molecular Dynamics-Shear Deformation Model C.W. Park and G.J. Yun In Prepara
9 Paper image SCI(E) Nano-Micro-Macro Multiscale Modeling for Graphene-Reinforced Nanocomposites S.W. Jeong , C.W. Park, F.Y. Zhu , H.J. Lim, and G.J. Yun In Prepara
8 Paper image SCI(E) Morphology Effects of SrAl2O4:Eu2+,Dy3+ on Mechanoluminescence Performance: Experimental Tests and Fractography Analysis Joel R.N. Gnidakouong and G.J. Yun In Prepara
7 Paper image International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sciences A Generalized Finite Difference Method for Solving Fokker-Planck-Kolmogorov Equations Li Zhao and Gun Jin Yun 2017-Accep
6 Paper image Structure and Infrastructure Engineering Probabilistic Life Prediction of Reinforced Concretes with Randomly Distributed Corrosion-Induced Cracks Li Zhao and Gun Jin Yun 2017-07-26 파일다운로드
5 Paper image International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification A New Inverse Method for the Uncertainty Quantification of Spatially Varying Random Material Properties Gun Jin Yun and Shen Shang 2016-12-01 파일다운로드
4 Paper image Microelectronics Reliability Fatigue life prediction model for accelerated testing of electronic components under non-Gaussian random vibration excitations Yu Jiang, JY Tao, YA Zhang, GJ Yun 2016-09-18 파일다운로드
3 Paper image Smart Materials and Structures Quantitative full-field strain measurements by SAOED (SrAl2O4: Eu2+, Dy3+) mechanoluminescent materials AI Azad, MR Rahimi, GJ Yun 2016-08-11 파일다운로드
2 Paper image Materials Evaluation SENSOR TEST Nondestructive Testing by Full-field Strains from Mechanoluminescent Sensors Gunjin Yun, Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Joshua Weaver, and Ali Imani Azad 2016-06
1 Paper image SCI(E) 39 Publications Until 2015 Gun Jin Yun et al. 2016-02-29 파일다운로드
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