No. Paper Journal Title Authors Date File
10 Paper image 2018 AIAA Scitech Forum and Exposition Nano-Micro Multiscale Modeling for Graphene-Reinforced Nanocomposites H.J. Lim, S.W. Jeong, F.Y. Zhu, C.W. Park, Y.H. Kim and G.J. Yun 2018-1-9
9 Paper image APISAT 2017 Probabilistic Multiscale Predictions of Effective Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Woven C/SiC S.W. Jeong, F.Y. Zhu, H.J. Lim and G.J. Yun 2017-10-17 파일다운로드
8 Paper image The 11th Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Composite Materials Multiscale Inverse Characterization of Fiber-Matrix Interfacial Properties of Fiber-Reinforced Composites H.J. Lim, S.W. Jeong, Y.H. Kim and G.J. Yun 2017-09-14
7 Paper image ASEM 17 A Study on Effective Properties Heterogeneous Representative Volume Element under Various Boundary Conditions Sungwoo Jeong, Hyungjun Lim, Fei-Yan Zhu and Gunjin Yun 2017-08-28 파일다운로드
6 Paper image ASEM 17 Correlation Analysis of Statistical Microstructure Descriptors with Micromechanical Responses of Particulate Composite Materials Yeonghwan Kim and Gunjin Yun 2017-08-28 파일다운로드
5 Paper image ASEM 17 Probabilistic Micromechanics Analysis of CNT Nanocomposites with Three-Dimensional Karhunen-Lo?ve Expansion Fei-Yan Zhu, Sungwoo Jeong and Gunjin Yun 2017-08-28 파일다운로드
4 Paper image 4th World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME 2017) Integration of Experiments and Simulations to Build a Large Volume of Material Databases Gun Jin Yun 2017-05-21
3 Paper image 10th ACCM, Bexco in Busan, Korea Multiscale Inverse Characterization of Metal Matrix Composites by Micro-Macro Mechanics Model Joshua Weaver, and Gunjin Yun 2016-10-16
2 Paper image 13th PSAM, Sheraton Grande Walkerhill, Seoul Korea Enhanced Monte Carlo Simulation-based Spatial Reliability Analysis of RC Plate Subject to Chloride-induced Corrosion Sang-ri Yi, Li Zhao, Junho Song and Gunjin Yun 2016-10-04
1 Paper image 27th ESREF 2016 Fatigue Life Prediction Model for Accelerated Testing of Electronic Components under Non-Gaussian Random Vibration Excitations Yu Jiang, J.Y. Tao, Y.A. Zhang, and G.J. Yun 2016-09-19
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