No. Paper Journal Title Authors Date File
17 Paper image ICAST2018: 29th International Conference on Adaptive Structures and Technologies Characterization and Modeling of Failure Behavior of 3D Printed Materials Hyoung-jun Lim, Tomas Webbe-Kerekes, Woong-Yeol Joe and Gunjin Yun 2018-09-30
16 Paper image ASC 33rd Annual Technical Conference 18th US-Japan Conference on Composite Materials ASTM D30 Micromechanics Model for Wavy CNT Nanocomposites with Weakened Interface Feiyan Zhu and Gun Jin Yun 2018-09-24
15 Paper image The 2018 Structures Congress Computational Modeling and Analysis for Design of Skin Structure in Camber Morphing Wings Bashir Alsaidi W. Yeol Joe, Hangil You, Sungik Kim and Gunjin Yun 2018-08-28
14 Paper image The 5th International Conference on Nanomechanics and Nanocomposites The free radical polymerization algorithm for a thermoplastic polymer matrix in nanocomposites: a molecular dynamics study C.W. Park, J.W. Jung and G.J. Yun 2018-08-25
13 Paper image The 13th World Congress in Computational Mechanics A Probabilistic Progressive Damage Simulation Model for Braided Composites S.W Jeong, C Zhang and G.J Yun 2018-07-25
12 Paper image AIAA Aviation Forum Modeling and Stress Analysis of Composite Skin Structure for Camber Morphing Wing Bashir Alsaidi, Muhammad Akbar, Sara La, W. Yeol Joe , Hangil You , Seongik Kim, and Gunjin Yun 2018-06-25
11 Paper image CODE (COmputational Design in Engineering) Appraisal of Deep Learning for Material Constitutive Models K.S Jang and G.J Yun 2018-04-04
10 Paper image 2018 AIAA Scitech Forum and Exposition Nano-Micro Multiscale Modeling for Graphene-Reinforced Nanocomposites S.W. Jeong, H.J. Lim, F.Y. Zhu, C.W. Park, Y.H. Kim and G.J. Yun 2018-01-09
9 Paper image APISAT 2017 Probabilistic Multiscale Predictions of Effective Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Woven C/SiC S.W. Jeong, F.Y. Zhu, H.J. Lim and G.J. Yun 2017-10-17 파일다운로드
8 Paper image The 11th Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Composite Materials Multiscale Inverse Characterization of Fiber-Matrix Interfacial Properties of Fiber-Reinforced Composites H.J. Lim, S.W. Jeong, Y.H. Kim and G.J. Yun 2017-09-14
7 Paper image ASEM 17 A Study on Effective Properties Heterogeneous Representative Volume Element under Various Boundary Conditions Sungwoo Jeong, Hyungjun Lim, Fei-Yan Zhu and Gunjin Yun 2017-08-28 파일다운로드
6 Paper image ASEM 17 Correlation Analysis of Statistical Microstructure Descriptors with Micromechanical Responses of Particulate Composite Materials Yeonghwan Kim and Gunjin Yun 2017-08-28 파일다운로드
5 Paper image ASEM 17 Probabilistic Micromechanics Analysis of CNT Nanocomposites with Three-Dimensional Karhunen-Lo?ve Expansion Fei-Yan Zhu, Sungwoo Jeong and Gunjin Yun 2017-08-28 파일다운로드
4 Paper image 4th World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME 2017) Integration of Experiments and Simulations to Build a Large Volume of Material Databases Gun Jin Yun 2017-05-21
3 Paper image 10th ACCM, Bexco in Busan, Korea Multiscale Inverse Characterization of Metal Matrix Composites by Micro-Macro Mechanics Model Joshua Weaver, and Gunjin Yun 2016-10-16
2 Paper image 13th PSAM, Sheraton Grande Walkerhill, Seoul Korea Enhanced Monte Carlo Simulation-based Spatial Reliability Analysis of RC Plate Subject to Chloride-induced Corrosion Sang-ri Yi, Li Zhao, Junho Song and Gunjin Yun 2016-10-04
1 Paper image 27th ESREF 2016 Fatigue Life Prediction Model for Accelerated Testing of Electronic Components under Non-Gaussian Random Vibration Excitations Yu Jiang, J.Y. Tao, Y.A. Zhang, and G.J. Yun 2016-09-19
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